Stains are a Pain

If they’re in your pool, we can help! If they’re somewhere else…well that’s above our pay grade, but Tide to Go can work wonders!

We get a lot of calls asking about staining on pool surfaces. Usually the first thought is that something went wrong with the surface material, but actually staining is caused by a variety of materials reacting with pool water and there are steps you can take to get rid of and prevent them from coming back. There are three categories of stains:

  • Scale: caused by a calcium build-up in the pool
  • Organic: caused by twigs, leaves, acorns, etc. settling at the bottom of the pool. This often happens during the off-season and owners notice it when they pull off their covers in the spring.
  • Metallic: caused by metal somewhere near your water – it could be a copper heater, pipe, or even a bobby-pin.

There are ways to get rid of the stains, but they will keep coming back if the cause of the stain is not identified. Once you pinpoint the source, you can take the following preventative measures to make sure they do not return:

  • Make sure your water chemistry is balanced at all times
  • Regularly clean your pool with an auto cleaner or manually with a vacuum.
  • Skim surface often to prevent leaves, twigs, acorns, etc. from settling on the pool floor.
  • Regularly check for stains to take care of them before they spread.

Not sure where to begin? Jack’s Magic Stain Identification Kit is a great way to figure out what type of stain you have and how to get rid of it! Click here for more info!