Hottest Swimming Pool Trends of 2019

2019 is coming in hot with countless new trends in pool designs and accessories. With the growth of automated integration technology, the pool industry has new options that can be tailor-made for any sized budget or project. There are a few trends shining through that are guaranteed to awe your pool guests. Take a look at the hottest trends of the year to see what works best for your oasis.

Dark pool interior surface

Dark Pool Interiors

This year many pool owners are opting in for dark pool interiors. Why? While a little edgier, these darker interiors tend to give the pools a more natural look reminiscent of an ocean, pond, or lake. When paired with natural coping and a rock waterfall your pool quickly transforms into a personal piece of paradise with tranquil ambiance. An added benefit to having a darker pool interior is that this finish tends to attract and retain heat better than a light finish, helping to reduce pool heating costs.

Pool Automation Systems

With smart homes, come smart pools. Automated pool systems allow you to control and maintain all of your pool settings through your cell phone or tablet. These automated systems control everything from pool temperature and music to running your pool cleaning systems. Smart lighting is, also, making a big introduction this summer. These lights let you to adjust your pools lighting with multiple options for color, timing, and brightness creating the perfect mood for your pool. This new automation makes maintaining your pool a breeze.

swimming pool sunshelf, swimming pool sun-shelf, overland park pools

Making an early debut in 2018 at high-end resorts, sun-shelves (also known as tanning ledges) are the hottest trend of 2019 among associations, commercial facilities, and homeowners alike. A sun-shelf is a flat, shallow area in the pool meant for sunbathing on those hot summer days. Most facilities have coupled these shelves with water proofed lounge chairs a side tables, providing the perfect beach-lounge vibe.

Reinventing Spaces

The current era of home renovation shows has reinventing an existing space on everyone’s mind. Among the latest trends is the renovation of a current swimming pool structure, the easiest way to make your pool look brand new. Along with adding sun shelves, many owners are adding a ‘zero depth entry’ or beach-entry on one side of the pool, allowing you to have a gradually sloped entry to the pool – much like a beach. This is a great modification to accommodate children of all ages, elderly swimmers, and lounging sun-bathers alike.

Alternatively, owners are opting to level their pools to a single depth rather than having a deep end and shallow end. This consistent depth is ideal for exercising and playing water sports and is a great way to keep active in the pool without swimming laps.

Climbing Walls

When looking for the ultimate item to add fun to your pool, look no further than a climbing wall. These are fun, safe alternatives to diving boards and provide tons of entertainment. Climbing walls come in many different varieties of looks and function from with options like a rock-climbing wall to sleek glass and can be installed on the ledge of your pool or inside it allowing your climbers to drop back into the pool after their climb.